On our blog today, we are here with a post from Dr. Ed Beyer. When it comes to stem cell therapy, it’s important to acknowledge that there are some incidents when stem cell therapy might not work. That’s why Dr. Ed Beyer is here with four of those possible reasons. 

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Four reasons why stem cell therapy would NOT work

I was raised by a father that served in the Marines during the Korean war. He raised six children with the motto: “If you are going to do a job, do it right!”

Stem cell therapy is fairly new and has the potential to be life-changing for many but it must be done correctly. These are the following four things that I have seen being done by other clinics that greatly reduce your chances for effective and successful results from stem cells.

1. Not FDA-Registered or -Regulated

First, you must make sure the clinic you go to obtains their stem cells from an FDA-registered and -regulated lab. 

In 2018, a clinic in Texas used cells that were obtained from a non-FDA-registered and -regulated lab for the sake of saving money. These cells did not undergo the rigorous testing that the FDA requires. As a result, there were microbes in the samples that ended up causing serious infections in a dozen patients. Of course this made national news and, unfortunately, many interpreted this as stem cells being dangerous. But anything done incorrectly can be dangerous.

At Beyer Stem Cell Institute, we use an FDA registered/regulated lab called predictive biotech. This lab has an actual FDA registration number that requires rigorous testing on all their stem cell products making sure they are safe and viable.

2. Something Is Missing from the Injections 

There are two other things that need to be included in the stem cell injections for them to work at a maximum.

The first is called a “scaffold protein.” This is in the form of hyaluronic acid and is the main protein in the Gel shots that many try. This protein gives the stem cells something to “cling to” as they go to work regenerating. Much research shows that this is a very necessary component to successful stem cell therapy and many clinics don’t include it.

The second necessary components are called exosomes. These are the very tiny particles in all of our cells that act as mediators for the growth of tissue. These “ growth factors” are included in all of the products we use at Beyer Stem Cell Institute. 

3. Not Using an Ultrasound

The third thing that must be done, that oftentimes isn’t, is that the injection should always be done using ultrasound guidance. All joint injections should be done using ultrasound. Studies show that it makes the injection up to 40% more accurate.

4. Using Autologous Stem Cells Instead

The fourth reason that stem cell therapy may not work is when the clinic uses your own stem cells, either from your bone marrow or fat tissue. This is known as autologous stem cells. These stem cells are not nearly as potent nor do they replicate as fast as the FDA approved stem cells we use from umbilical cord tissue.

The bottom line is that not all stem cell therapy is created equal and there are many clinics out there not doing it effectively or, in some cases, incorrectly.

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